Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Quilt Finish, an Anniversary, and a (gasp!) New Kitten

A quilt finish....

This was my second pieced backing.  My lazy self says it was a pain in the rear end, and made my brain hurt trying to figure how to make it work.  My other self likes the way it looks, and I may do it again. 

An anniversary...

The hubs and I celebrated 11 years being married.  That sounds like a lot, till I think about the fact that we were together for 6 years before that, and realize we have spent 17 years together.  Wow.  This picture is actually from 2 years ago, because it's the only one we possess that we both look good in. 

And this one is from the big day 11 years ago. 

Aaaaannnnd.....the new kitten!!

My 9 year old is best friends with a little girl named Sarah.  They have been like peas and carrots since kindergarten.  There is a farm, and a huge soy bean field behind Sarah's house. Every now and then, a stray mama cat will show up, and have a litter of kittens.  The kids became instantly smitten with them as soon as they saw them.  Since the mom is somewhat feral, it's very hard to approach them.
However, Sarah's mom was able to corner a couple of them into her tool shed, and catch them.

How convenient...and kitten for each kid. 

We took the little tabby girl, and she somehow ended up with the name Lulu.

The little black fella's name is LeBoo. 

Lu and Boo.  Too cute.

Right now she lives in the ginormous dog crate, because she is very small, and very quiet, and I'm afraid we'll lose her.  The hubs was a very good sport about it.  (At least it wasn't a dozen chickens.....)  And my boy is already quite enamored with her.